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“Being a creative songwriter is a lifelong journey through the minds and imaginations of many unsuspecting individuals”

“It’s not only a revolution in creative writing, it is pure unadulterated mind control at its finest”

“If my brand of sexy was bottled, lots of women would wake up with hangovers”

“Statistics have found that fans of the Foxman possess a superior intellect & enjoy longer lasting, more satisfying, sex”

“Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more crazy, along comes the Foxman”

“Foxman videos are the perfect blend of music, art & theatre”


Hello & welcome to the crazy, madcap world of Foxman Music. My name is Brian Fox (Foxman) & I am an artist, photographer, singer/songwriter & actor from the Tampa Bay area. I just recently released my ‘best of’ 7th Independent album titled Hit List: Songs from the Underground. If you are new to my music, this album is the perfect place to start. All 16 songs can be heard in their entirety through the tune player above. With the exception of a few notable guest appearances, everything you hear in my music is all me (vocals, bass, guitars, keys & percussion). I am best known for being a creative writer who employs a bit of a Hollywood approach to songwriting; which means that I don’t always write through my own eyes & life experiences. I like to find topics/themes that are a bit outside the box from what others are doing. Examples include; vagrancy/homelessness, smoking, lucky voodoo, hauntings, vampires, a murderous priest, tarot cards, immortality, CIA/espionage, battles of conscience, mafia, etc. As far as my musical genre, I would probably say that I fit in best with Folk & Alternative Rock; but there are also elements of Pop, Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Grunge & others. The approach I choose usually reflects what works best for the songs theme & storyline.

I am a past auditionee for NBC’s The Voice (2014, Chicago) & I am currently receiving FM radio play at WMNF 88.5 in Tampa Bay

Call them up & request your favorite Foxman song!

Air Studio: (813) 239-9663/ Text the DJ: (813) 433-0885


Outside of the songwriting, I am an accomplished artist & photographer. I create all my own album graphic designs & even film/direct/act in my own music videos. I have also had the tremendous honor of appearing as a background actor in 2 Netflix shows (amazing experiences!)

  • Bloodline (2017, season 3/episode 4, boat yard employee & guest at the baptism)
  • The Last Thing He Wanted (2020, Reagan/Bush convention)

I’m a huge fun of Hollywood & theatre. Nothing more hard core fun than working on a live set. One of my primary musical goals is to have some of my songs find their way onto movie soundtracks. I am also open for more acting roles of any kind. I am currently not a SAG-AFTRA member, hopefully one day, but I am a member of a talent agency.

If interested, please contact me at with the heading Foxman Job Offer


  • Songs From The Gallery (2001, 9 song demo)
  • Like The Freak You Are (2005, 9 songs)
  • Crazy Like A Fox (2010/11, 13 songs)
  • Folklore & Superstitions (2013, 15 songs)
  • The Hollywood Blacklist (2015,17 songs)
  • The Fools Mask (2017, 14 songs)
  • Hit List (2020, 16 songs) 
  • There will be an 8th album released in 2023/24

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Foxman Videos

This is where all the magic comes to life! If you want to experience Foxman Music at its absolute optimum, then you must check out some of my music videos! The videos are the perfect platform for me to showcase all 3 of my passions: art, music & theatre. I have uploaded some of my most recent video releases below. If you like what you see & hear, then please make sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel & share the news with others.